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A Photo Wall is a great feature in any home, work place, school .. just about anywhere. There are several ways to create this feature wall: with Picture Pockets, Wall Panels, Magnetic Paint or Photo Wires.

Picture Pocket Wall

Use several 40 pocket Picture Pockets. ($24.95 each) or, for a shorter photo wall, 20 pocket Picture Pockets. ($19.95 each) side by side. This is a very easy way to create a Photo Wall as large as you like. Simply put hooks up.

Picture Pocket Walls

Wall Panels

Our Wall Panels are highly magnetic receptive and come with free magnets to hold artwork, photos, reminders, lists... plus you can write or create directly on the panel's write-on, wipe-off surface using dry erase whiteboard markers. Available in five finishes (White, Black, Sky, Grid and Checkerboard) and three sizes. Use one panel or several. With these panels you will have a photo display wall, message centre, calendar/schedule centre, activities centre or games area. Once up they are perfect for Magnetic Foam Letters, Magnetic Sticky Bits, Magnetic Hex Puzzle, Fridge Frames ....
Magic Panel Wall

Magnetic Paint

You can create a feature wall with Magnetic Paint and the result is fantastic and looks very smart. Magnetic Magic costs $60 per litre and includes two free fridge frames and 10 magnetic strips. 1 litre will cover 3 sq metres with two coats. You can even use Blackboard Paint or Whiteboard Paint over the Magnetic Paint. Once finished your wall will be ready for Fridge Frames, Magnetic Foam Letters, your notes, or letters fixed with Magnetic Sticky Bits, Magnetic Puzzles or Games ....

Magnetic Paint Wall

Photo Wire Wall

Photo Wire Wall

Simply mount several Photo Wires side by side for a very contemporary display effect.