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For our Planet

For our Planet

In the same way that airlines offer the option of purchasing carbon offsets we offer an avenue for you to help our environment. We suggest 10% of the value of your order.

Choose from any of the organisations below or donate to several.

To donate more than $5 simply click on "Add to Shopping Basket" additional times.

We pledge to pass on your donation.

If you are obtaining a discount from us (eg our Tell 3 Friends discount by pledging to tell three friends and typing TELL3 in our coupon box on checkout) then we will make up the discount to pass on the full amount.

The Australian Conservation Foundation (ACF) stands for ecological sustainability. We get to the heart of environmental problems by tackling the underlying social and economic causes. We work across society to influence urgent, transformative action to deliver lasting change on the scale required to secure a sustainable environment. We bring people together to champion the true value of our environment and its critical role in sustaining all other systems and in achieving human wellbeing.